Who is Shanta?


Helping business owners:

  • Become exceptional leaders

  • Build high performing teams

  • Create business strategies & systems 

  • Create HR policy & procedures

  • Self-care strategies for entrepreneurs


I am a leadership and human capital strategist. I help entrepreneurs and small business owners thrive through purposeful leadership and sensible human capital investment strategies. Human capital is the greatest investment an entrepreneur can make in business. By understanding the true ROI on human capital, a business owner can decipher when to invest in an employee, hire a contractor or enlist the investment of a partnership. It all boils down to growth strategy. I believe successful businesses plan for growth. By doing so, business leaders are purposeful about human capital strategy, systemization of business operations and leadership principles that focus on happy, mindful and well employees.


My business focuses on leadership and human capital strategies that are employee-centric. I believe that human capital is a businesses greatest investment. While other business consultants may focus on customer first or other bottom-line focused tactics, my strategies show business leaders how to invest sensibly, purposefully and strategically in human capital.


Based in Atlanta, GA


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